About us

Velo Service è un tour operator leader nel turismo esperienziale e sostenibile in Puglia.
Nata nel 2009 come start-up innovativa da un gruppo di appassionati di viaggi in bicicletta, si è evoluta negli anni fino a diventare un punto di riferimento nel settore dell'accoglienza e dell'intrattenimento turistico.

Un team giovane e affiatato lavora con dedizione tutto l'anno per creare esperienze uniche e personalizzate, valorizzando l'immersione nella cultura locale.

Una flotta diversificata di biciclette a noleggio, tra cui la caratteristica bici "rickshaw", permette ai clienti di esplorare la Puglia in modo dinamico e non convenzionale.

L'alta qualità dei servizi offerti, sia da catalogo che personalizzati, è testimoniata dalle due accoglienti sedi nei centri storici di Bari e Lecce e dalle oltre 6.000 recensioni eccellenti online.

Velo Service guarda con entusiasmo alle sfide future, orgogliosa della storia finora scritta e impegnata nella continua ricerca di emozionanti opportunità per superare le aspettative dei suoi clienti.

Il Team


Paco is our CEO and founder, who since 2008 has been known as the man of rickshaws and bikes because he first realized the importance of developing slow, responsible, and highly inclusive tourism in the area. In his freetime, here's a fun fact that highlights his eclectic and fascinating personality: he has visited over 50 countries around the world, always proudly sporting the red and white scarf of his hometown team. For Paco, it's not a matter of football allegiance; it's a symbol of deep belonging that connects him to his roots wherever he goes.


Luca is the sweet and organized partner, the one who makes processes work and innovates the management of every resource. His longstanding and intense friendship with Paco merges with study, work, and passion. The Velo Service team knows they can rely on him, as he knows how to win everyone's love!


Sonia is CEO and manager of Velo Service Lecce. With care and passion she manages the team, oversees tours and rentals, collaborations with stakeholders, and much more. Sonia embodies the values and quality of Velo Service in the renowned Baroque region of Puglia.


Allow us to introduce Teresa, our front and back office manager! Allow us to introduce Teresa, our front and back office manager! She always ensures that our guests are happy and takes care of them from a warm welcome to a farewell. But here's the thing: her sweet and empathetic nature isn't a coincidence. She cultivates it every day by enjoying a long meditative stroll along the waterfront. It's her moment of relaxation before tackling a busy multilingual day! Always return her smile!


She is precise, organized, and meticulous at work, but in her private life, she is constantly on roller coasters full of unexpected curves. Meet Anna Rita, our Digital Content Manager! She oversees Velo Service's online presence on all distribution platforms and but every opportunity is good for her to be at the front office, directly interacting with tourists. Her contribution is extremely valuable, we couldn't do without her!


Maria Luisa, or Mamalù as friends call her, is our Account Manager and Tour Leader who passionately manages project partner relationships behind the scenes. She's been part of the team since 2015, and among her most significant experiences, she recalls those organized for Chef Gino D'Acampo, TV Host Osvaldo Bevilaqua, and the Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney (with Prince Charles on the line).


Taking care of all our bike-rickshaws, bicycles, and electric vehicles when they return to the 'Velofficina' is Mr. Vito! He handles vehicle logistics and the warehouse, especially after the long daily rides of each wheel. He's an essential and reliable figure in the entire organization. The bicycles tattooed on his arms speak volumes!


Let us introduce you to Giulia: cheerful, energetic, and determined, she takes care of the front desk and your reservations. A whirlwind of ideas and projects, so passionate about her work that, as a good sleepwalker, she dreams of answering the phone to tourists seeking travel information! However, please don't call her at night!